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At a SAFE HOME™ Gas Fireplace Service, Inc., we service a variety of customers, each with specific needs. Our customers include residential homeowners, realtors, property managers, home inspectors and dealers, to name a few.
Our Customers Are You

As a residential customer, your home is the most important thing. Homeowner safety is our primary concern at a SAFE HOME™ Gas Fireplace Service, Inc. We respond promptly to all calls, regardless of nature.

“We like the way that you do business.
You responded to our call quickly.
The other companies took days. Be assured that
whenever we need service, we will call you."

  -Darryl and Anne Y., Denver


At a SAFE HOME™ Gas Fireplace Service, Inc., we know that in your real estate closings, time is money. At a moment’s notice, we will inspect, repair and certify residential gas fireplaces and gas log sets in time for that all-important closing date. When home inspectors or energy companies “tag” a unit for gas/CO leaks, sooting, glass etching or discoloration, improper venting and/or ignition-system malfunctions, you can rest assured that you are referring your clients to the best. Our focus on quality service, combined with honesty and integrity, makes us the first choice of many realtors in metro-Denver and the surrounding suburbs. We’ll get that unit operating properly and up to code so you can sell that home! In doing so, we can safeguard the investment of every buyer, while protecting the liability of every seller.


Fireplace manufacturers and utility companies recommend these natural gas appliances be serviced annually. As such, we provide premium annual maintenance service for apartment, condominium and townhouse complexes—from 10 to 200 units—whether the unit is occupied or a new tenant is about to move in. We also provide premium commercial gas fireplace inspection and repair service to restaurants, hotels and clubhouses.

Call 303-973-5848 today to schedule a service appointment.


As a premium referral source in the highly specialized field of gas fireplace repair, we complement your service by providing quality warranty service for your customers. At a SAFE HOME™ Gas Fireplace Service, Inc., we service all major brands and we carry a wide array of parts to ensure one service call for one flat fee.

Refer a homeowner in need of service and repair to our office at 303-973-5848.


1) the home’s address
2) the lock-box combo (if any)
3) the closing date, and
4) realtor’s name and 5) fax number.

It’s really that simple!


Today’s home inspectors are skilled at recognizing the signs of a troubled gas fireplace or gas log set. We complement your services by serving as a top-drawer referral source in this highly specialized service and repair niche. Acceptable and unacceptable concentrations of carbon monoxide in a home, suggested testing methods, and sure-fire signs of a troubled gas fireplace unit are all available upon request. Refer a homeowner or realtor in need of service and repair to our office at 303-973-5848.

We pick up where installation warranties leave off!

Schedule service by calling 303-973.5848



Thank you, Denver!

Regularly scheduled service will enhance the life span of your gas fireplace or log set, save you money on costly repairs, provide peace of mind from leaks, and keep your unit burning efficiently and looking beautiful.

For liability reasons alone,
it’s a good idea to bring
your gas fireplace or gas
log set up to code and operating efficiently.

Our regular maintenance
will ensure the proper functioning of

all units and the safety
and comfort of residents

and guests.

After you’ve inspected and tagged a unit that is potentially unsafe, help bring the unit up to code and ensure homeowner safety by referring homeowners to Denver’s Premiere Gas Fireplace Repair Service.


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Winner of a Gold Star Certificate
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